What are Guestlink reviews?

Reviews from Guestlink allow genuine travellers who have booked their accommodation through any Guestlink-powered website to write about and share their experiences after their stay.

Why are reviews useful?

Many people like to consider other guests' experiences, as well as reading information provided by the accommodation provider themselves, to help them to find accommodation most suited to their needs.

What information do reviews include?

Each reviewer can mark the accommodation they stayed at out of five overall, and also for its cleanliness, staff service, value for money, location, services and facilities. Comments can be added to explain why a particular rating was given.

How do I know that the reviews are genuine?

Because all reviewers recently stayed at the accommodation they have written about, the information given is first-hand and verified. Content is monitored to ensure that nothing inappropriate is included such as profanity, threats, prejudiced comments and other non-family friendly language. In the unlikely event that a review contains inappropriate material, this can be reported to Guestlink using the Report Abuse link. This helps maintain the high quality of review content.

Each reviewer has to certify that they have no personal or business affiliation with the property they are reviewing, and that they have not been offered any incentive or payment to write the review before submitting their comments to ensure that the information given is trustworthy.

The owners of the accommodation being reviewed have the chance to view reviews before they are published, and can choose to submit comments in reply to points made in a review. However, as long as a review meets our guidelines it is posted whether it is positive or negative. Guestlink reserves the right to remove a review or Provider comment at any time for any reason.

Guestlink reviews are individual and therefore represent the subjective opinion of that traveller. The opinions expressed are those of guests who have booked their accommodation using Guestlink, and not of Guestlink. Guestlink do not endorse any of the opinions expressed by reviewers or in Provider comments. Guestlink never write reviews, change or influence review content.

How do I write reviews?

A few days after your stay at accommodation booked through a Guestlink-powered website, we will send an email to the email address you gave when booking containing a personalised link, unique to the booking, inviting you to leave a review of your accommodation. If for any reason you do not complete your booking, you will not receive an email. No registration or account setup is required in order to leave a Guestlink review.

Fill in the details with any information that you think might be helpful to other people thinking of booking a stay at the same accommodation, and submit the form. If you choose to, you can remove your name and leave a review anonymously; if you choose to do this, only your region and country, the date of your stay and what sort of group you travelled with are shown.

If you think of something to add later, you can click on the link in the email again and update the information you have already left. You can continue to do this until your review has been published or submitted for moderation.

Once the accommodation provider has read your comments and left a reply if they wish, your review may appear on any Guestlink-powered websites where the accommodation you stayed at is listed. It may take up to a week for your review to appear if it is not sent for moderation, and longer if moderation is required. Reviews don't expire, but reviews for the most recent stays appear first in order to give other travellers the most up-to-date, accurate and relevant information.

For further information or suggestions about Guestlink reviews please contact Guestlink at helpdesk@guestlink.co.uk